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The Ongoing slow going..

It's been a while since the last posting. Let's just say 2021 has started off unexpectedly with a few events that have slowed down progress. Mechanical issues and some equipment failure, then a slight hiccup with scheduled recordings. Suddenly, LIFE HAPPENS and the time zips by without waiting around for anyone...(including "The Boss!") Minor issues but they all add up. Moving forward, TBS (The Bad Somethings) are still working on a few new singles. They hope to resume shortly to finish a few ideas and get some new music out there. RICH KID EXPRE$$ is also finishing up some material and hope to have a couple singles out in the later Summer. There is a lot of great music on the horizon and we at Squib Kick Records apologize for the delays. Planning and hoping the sluggish start to the year musically, will kick into high gear as we move through Summer '21 and beyond. Keep your ears open for new tracks coming soon. Thanks for being patient.

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