Squib Kick Records is a Digital Indie Record Label focusing on various rock & hard rock music styles.
We here at SK believe that the music scenes of the 70's & 80's isn't quite dead, but alive and thriving underground.
We want to revisit the days of grit and grime, bring back the FUN TIMES and catchy songs.
We take a big interest in Glam/Glitter/Bubblegum/Pop and Metal music!
If you can raise your beer, stomp your feet and bang your head....you're in good company with us!
We know the energy and fans are still out there!

Music Licensing - Motion Pictures, TV, Advertisement Opportunities

If you are interested in using or licensing a song by Squib Kick Records for your production needs, please feel free to contact us. We are interested in Marketing our material and making use of our Artists songs in a way that will help both bands and brands! 


© 2019 by Squib Kick Records. 

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